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 Our Sales Services - Introduction

At iProperty Finders, our aim is to provide an outstanding professional and pro-active level of service to all our clients in order to sell your property as quickly and efficiently as possible for the best possible price!

Our service combines the principles of traditional estate agency, the experience and the knowledge of qualified local staff, with the most modern and cutting edge marketing technologies to advertise your property, all for exceptional value for money.

We have summarised the main features of our Complete Service here so you can see at a glance what we can offer you as our client:

·        Direct access to your local iProperty Finders Town centre office
Open 6 days a week from 9am to 6pm  -  9am to 4,30 Saturdays

·         Free Property Valuation and Consultation

·         Bespoke Property Floor plans

·         Quality brochure with room measurements and descriptions

·         Advertising on all the Top UK Property websites including

·         Highly visible For Sale Board

·         Viewings arranged with fully qualified applicants

·         Viewing feedback service within 24 hours

·         Rightmove reports showing weekly search and listing click through figures

·         Handling and negotiating of your offers

·         Full buyer checks including verification of financial position, chain details money laundering checks etc.

·         Full support and progression assistance with our recommended conveyancers

·         Long opening hours for support / buyer enquiries by our friendly & helpful staff

The Process

What to expect once instructed

Once you have instructed iProperty Finders to sell your property, either over the telephone via our website or through our office, We will arrange to come and visit your property to discuss the valuation and put your house on the market.

Taking your Photographs & Measurements

At the visit, we will compile a full detailed description, measurements, photographs and prepare a bespoke floor plan. If you have requested an  EPC we will arrange this too. This information is then added to all our systems and our For Sale board ordered.

Your Property and Price

We also need to realistically price your property. We will offer you a valuation from our experience local valuer and find all the details about recent comparable sales in your area and provide these to you, our advice is that you research the current sold prices and have at least two agent valuations so you are happy and confident of the market price.

What next?

Next you will receive your property brochure by email for you to check. We ask you to check the details that have been prepared carefully so that they adhere to the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991. If there are any amendments you can call or email us the changes, we will make these changes promptly and send you over another brochure for your approval,

Once we receive confirmation that the property details are correct, your property will be uploaded onto all the Top UK websites including, and will be live across the UK.

From the moment your property goes live on all the sites. With the average time taken to sell a house in the UK at just over 2 months, it shouldn’t be long before we have viewers for your property, however if your property take longer we do not change any further marketing  fees!

Qualifying your purchasers

When we receive enquiries and viewing requests from buyers we qualify them by taking their full details and establishing their position, and then will phone or email you, depending on your preference, to arrange. We do not offer accompanied viewings, and ask that you or a friend or family member accompany viewers. We can book block viewings if this is more convenient for you.

Once the viewing is confirmed you will receive a call and email confirming the appointment.

Viewing Feedback

Feedback is followed up the following day and we will call or emailed to you.

Once a week you will receive your Property Report including how many calls, emails and Rightmove hits your property is receiving so you can keep track how much interest your property is receiving on This information will also be on request.

Your Offer

When we receive an offer we will phone you and email the details to you. We offer a full negotiating service between buyers and sellers to help you achieve the best possible price.

Conveyancing - Holding your chain together

Once you have sold your property it is vitally important that you use the right solicitor. That is why we strongly recommend you use one of our locally recommended conveyance companies. They are reasonably priced and extremely efficient. Also we can and will help with your progression if you choose a recomended solicitor that we have a relationship with it will help speed the sale completion as we work together and have a good understandin. They also operate a quick response hot line with our aftersales team.  If you choose to use your own solicitor then we will assist where possible but this can prove more difficult when we don’t know the conveyancer. With our progression if there is a chain involved we will check the details with other agents in the chain to ensure the chain is complete and establish how far advanced it is.


If you need help finding a surveyor for your purchase, iProperty Finders can recommend a fully qualified surveyor for all levels of building survey at competitive prices. Please call us or email us to find out more about this service.

iProperty Finders vs Traditional

Private house sales are on the rise and this is solely due to the internet, but private house sales although attractive cannot really work, and are not really working.

Selling your house privately is not like selling a car. For a successful private house sale you need the correct photographs, the correct description and you need to get these details in front of as many people as possible. And since the property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla will not let you advertise your property for a private house sale then how can you attract millions and millions of people to potentially find your private house sale? It is simple, you can’t.

So this is where we come in, we want to bridge that gap. We don’t want you to have to pay that huge traditional fee upon completion and we still want you to attract all the potential buyer searches. So if you were thinking of trying a private house sale we can do the job for you for a very low fee. We can look after everything for you and give your property the audience it needs.

We are on average saving our clients over £3,000 on every sale we make. So the system works. Our network for advertising your property will reach up to 180 million buyer searches every month. There is no way that if you try and sell your property via a private house sale you can ever reach that number of potential searches.

So it is our firm belief that private house sales do not really work. If you advertise your own property in the newspapers you can expect to pay up to £100 just for that advert and this will only ever reach the few people that will stumble across your property advert. We can put your property on all the main property portals for as little as £250.

We want to change the way the Estate agency industry is run and viewed. At some stage everyone is going to sell their property. So they need to be made aware of the three options open to them:

1) Private House Sale – this will be the least expensive but attract the smallest audience

2) Use a Traditional Estate Agent – this will give you the level of exposure you want for your property but upon completion you will be faced with a huge fee.

3) The iProperty Finders Option – as with the traditional method we will give you the best exposure you can get for advertising your property at a fraction of the fee you would pay with the traditional method.

So, a quick summary: We feel it is time you had a choice! Private house sales don’t give you what you require, traditional agents charge far too much as a completion fee, so we are bridging that gap.

If you do decide that you still wish to try and sell your property via a private house sale process, we are more than happy to help you with any advice you may require or tips. As I said we want to give you the choice and if a private house sale is for you then we will offer our advice free of charge.

Why will we do this? It’s simple, we want to help, we want you to come to us and if you do try to sell your house privately and you aren’t fortunate in selling then hopefully you will choose us to help you.

One other fact that is worth considering if you decide to go down the private house sale route, is always look what the experts are doing. The experts in this case are the property developers. Now the small to medium property developers all enlist the help of agents to help sell their properties. They know that private house sales don’t work and they know that time is money, so they use agents for their portal networks.

We found exactly this only last week when a medium sized property developer approached us to sell his 9 apartments. He had tried to sell his property privately, but realizing he needed the help of an agent also knew he didn’t want to pay the huge fees. We sold all 9 properties to one of our investor clients saving him over £28,000 in fees over the nine apartments. 

Q: What’s your most important job when selling a house privately?

Finding  a buyer ! !   

It’s so simple that many private sellers answer this incorrectly. 

“Presenting my property well” or “Setting the right price” are the two most common wrong answers I hear. Granted, these things are important but they are utterly meaningless unless you can find the buyers!

So please, if you are thinking about selling your property, please ask yourself what you want to achieve. We will advertise your property on Rightmove, and many, many more, giving your property exposure to 180 million property searches every month. We will do this until your house is sold.

So let us look after your property sale, think about the pitfalls of a private house sale, think about the huge fees that traditional estate agents will charge you and then speak to us.

So the next step is to get a valuation for your property so simply contact us and we will help sell your property.

We look forward to hearing from you.

 We are full members of the (OEA)      

Ombudsman for Estate Agents (OEA)

This OEA provides a free, independent facility for resolving complaints between members of the public who buy, sell or let property and the agents they deal with. It can award compensation where they believe it appropriate to do so. The OEA also has a Code of Practice, approved by the Office of Fair Trading, the provisions of which are mandatory on member agencies. Being a member of the OEA means you can be confident about our approach and, if you ever feel disadvantaged, you will have access to an independent body for resolving any complaints.

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