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Application form

A. Personal Details
1. Full Name (including title):
2. Date of Birth: Select date
3. Passport Number:
4. NI Number :
5. Telephone Number :
6. Email Address:
A. Next of Kin:
NOK Name
Tel number
B.Where do you currently reside?
1. Current Address (including Postcode):
2. Status:
If renting current rent
Per Week
Per Month
3. Dates at current address:
from Select date
to Select date
C. Current Landlord
1. Name of Current Landlord:
2. Address of Current Landlord:
3. Telephone Number:
4. Email Address:
If less than 3 years please provide previous addresses & dates of residence for last 3 years:
1 Telephone Number
2 Email
3 Name of Landlord
E. Current Employment Details
1. Name of Current Employer:
2. Address of Current Employer:
3. Telephone Number:
4. Email Address:
5. Position Held:
6. Your Salary:
7. Date Employment Commenced:
8. Contact Name & Position:
9. National Insurance Number:
10. Employment Type:
G. Bank / Building Society Details
1. Bank Name & Branch Address:
2. Account Holder Name:
3. Account Number:
4. Sort Code:
H. Other Income
Are you in receipt of any of the following?
K. Other Details
1. Are you a smoker?
2. Do you have any pets? If so what?
3. Are you pregnant?
4. Have you suffered from any mental health issues in the last 24 months?
4. Past or present - Disclose any County Court Judgement, IVA, Debt relief orders, Bankruptcy or similar.
5. Have you had any criminal convictions?
6. Nationality
L. Declaration

I hereby confirm that I am over 18 years of age and the information I have provided is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate at the time of completion and hereby authorise the landlord or their agent to:

  • carry out credit searches and reference checks, to contact employers, banks, referees, guarantors and credit reference agencies as appropriate.
  • use the information obtained with third parties to assess credit ratings, make insurance decisions, for fraud prevention and tracing / debt collection.
  • Handle all information obtained in strictest confidence and in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1988.

I acknowledge that my application may be refused if the landlord is unable to obtain satisfactory references. I accept that due to the confidential nature of this application, I will not be permitted access to the references or be given any explanation should my references prove unsatisfactory.

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